My Animal Sitter
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My Animal Sitter
is 5-Star Licensed by
Cherwell District Council
Number HOM0052
for Home Boarding

My Animal Sitter is based in the picturesque village of North Aston, on the eastern edge of the Cotswolds. Banbury is nine miles to the north, Oxford lies fourteen miles south, Chipping Norton is about seven miles west, and Bicester stands six miles to the east.

Typically, clients come country-wide, but the village is conveniently located just off the main A4260 Banbury-Oxford road, and within five minutes of Junction 10 of the M40 (Cherwell Valley Services). This allows commuters travelling to Oxford or London to use My Animal Sitter's Residential Service, dropping off their pets on the way to work in the morning, and collecting them early evening on their way home.

You can contact My Animal Sitter by:

Telephone: 01869 347210

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