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Eileen Gilmore, My Animal SitterEileen Gilmore

Eileen has owned and worked with animals all her life, and has made it her profession for the last thirty-five years. As a child in Ireland, Eileen had an idyllic life of complete freedom, sharing her time with her horses and dogs.

Her education culminated in three years studying at Art College and working in the creative field in Dublin, but she was only really happy when she was back in the countryside. Having completed her art course, she then spent a couple of years working in veterinary practices in her native Ireland, first with a local vet and then with a well-respected Dublin practice.

Eileen married and moved to Oxfordshire with her then husband, and between them they established a nationally renowned animal chiropractic clinic. For many years she and her partner, Chris, operated a professional falconry display, performed largely from horseback and working widely across England, Ireland and mainland Europe. She was then contracted to provide a permanent falconry centre in Ireland, based at one of the country's leading castles; a centre for heritage and education.

Eileen Gilmore, My Animal SitterIn 2006 Eileen decided to return to her home in England. That prompted her to establish, not only enabling her to make the most of her lifetime of experience and understanding of animals, but also allowing her to share that expertise with others.

My Animal Sitter offers people (who are as besotted with their dogs as Eileen!) a bespoke service second to none, served by a provider with dog care and welfare as the prime consideration.

Eileen has specialised in the training and care of Rottweilers for the last 20 years and currently owns two Rottweilers and a number of birds of prey.

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